“Kana Bimoji” is a free app for writing practice of hiragana for Japanese. The app is available for both Android and iOS.

We recommend you use a stylus pen to simulate writing motion with a pen although a finger works. Stylus pens are available for purchase at a major computer or stationery store for $5 to $10.

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Using “Kana Bimoji” App

Open the application and select “スタート” (Start) in blue. Then, click the first character, “あ.”  Characters are arranged vertically from right to left. (If you want to turn BGM off, click the circle on the left.)


In the blank white box, write the character “あ” following the correct stroke orders. The number on the upper left corner above the white box is a timer in seconds.


The program rates your handwriting in three levels: “残念” (bad), “並” (good), or “美” (great). The objective is to get “美” rating. You don’t have to be able to understand the feedback, since enough visual cues are provided to guide you. Touch “新規” (New) in the lower left corner to write again. The arrow ▶ moves on to the next character. Touch “戻る” (return) on the top right corner takes you back to the table.


You see the current rating on characters you have practiced. Try to get “美” stamp on all hiragana.