This pre-arrival study program is prepared to introduce beginning level students to Hiragana (Japanese syllabery) and common classroom expressions to assist you with a smooth transition to the intensive language program at Middlebury College.

You should use this site to:

  • read and write the 46 Hiragana characters
  • understand basic classroom expressions.

Reading and writing skills of Japanese characters are imperative in Level 1 and are expected to acquire during the first two weeks of the program. Once a student falls behind, it is difficult to catch up during the rest of the weeks. This pre-arrival study program is intended to give you ample time to learn Hiragana to reduce stress that stems from acquiring Hiragana within a short period of time, and to help you to successfully complete the language program at Middlebury.

Please note: Some of the exercises on this site are only compatible with a Windows operating system. As well, many of the interactive components of the learning environment must be completed on a computer, and not on a mobile device.

Once you arrive on Middlebury College campus, you will be expected to take the Language Pledge. The Language Pledge is a promise from all students to use only the language of instruction for the duration of the summer session until the Pledge is officially lifted by the school’s Director.  You give your word, both orally and in writing, to adhere to the Language Pledge at all times.

This pre-arrival learning environment is designed to prepare you to engage fully in the commitment of the Language Pledge. You will be ready to begin using basic Japanese phrases, and read and write basic Hiragana.